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The Unyielding Mind that Redefined Language, Politics, and Truth



The Unyielding Mind that Redefined Language, Politics, and Truth

Noam Chomsky, born on December 7, 1928, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has become one of the most influential thinkers of our time. His contributions to linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, and political activism have left an indelible mark on modern thought. This article explores Chomsky’s multifaceted legacy, portraying him as a hero of intellectual rigor and moral courage.

The Linguistic Maverick

Universal Grammar

Chomsky’s theory of Universal Grammar (UG) has been nothing short of revolutionary in the field of linguistics. He proposed that all human languages share a common underlying structure, and this structure is innately present in the human mind. This idea challenged the prevailing behaviorist view that language is learned solely through interaction with the environment.

Key Works:

  • “Syntactic Structures” (1957): This groundbreaking work introduced the concept of transformational grammar. Chomsky argued that sentences can be described by grammatical rules and transformations, providing a formal framework to understand the structure of language.
  • “Language and Mind” (1968): In this work, Chomsky expanded on the idea of innate linguistic ability, emphasizing that language acquisition is a natural human capacity. He explored the philosophical implications of this idea, connecting linguistics with human cognition.
  • “The Minimalist Program” (1995): This book represents a further refinement of Chomsky’s theories, focusing on the core principles that govern all human languages. He proposed that the human language faculty is optimized for simplicity and efficiency, leading to a more streamlined understanding of linguistic structure.

Impact on Cognitive Science

Chomsky’s linguistic theories have laid the groundwork for the entire field of cognitive science, bridging language, psychology, and neuroscience.

  • Influence on Artificial Intelligence: Chomsky’s formal approach to grammar has influenced computational models of language, contributing to natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Psychology and Language Acquisition: His idea that language ability is innate has led to extensive research on how children acquire language. It has sparked debates on nature versus nurture and has influenced educational practices.
  • Neuroscience and the Brain: Chomsky’s work has also inspired neuroscientists to explore how the brain processes language. Studies on brain structure and function have sought to identify the neural basis of Universal Grammar.
  • Philosophy of Mind: By positing that certain knowledge is innate, Chomsky has engaged with philosophical questions about the nature of mind, knowledge, and reality. His ideas have fueled discussions on rationalism and empiricism, challenging conventional wisdom.

A Legacy of Innovation

Noam Chomsky’s contributions to linguistics have not only reshaped the field but have also had far-reaching impacts across various disciplines. His theories have opened new avenues of research, challenged established paradigms, and deepened our understanding of what it means to be human.

His work stands as a testament to the power of innovative thinking, transcending boundaries and forging connections between seemingly disparate fields. Chomsky’s linguistic legacy is a beacon of intellectual exploration, illuminating the intricate relationship between language, mind, and society.

The Political Dissident

Media Critique

Chomsky’s incisive analysis of media and propaganda has laid bare the mechanisms that shape public opinion. He argues that media is not an impartial observer but is controlled by corporate and political interests, leading to biased reporting that serves those in power.

Key Works:

  • “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” (1988): Co-authored with Edward S. Herman, this seminal work explores how media serves the elite interests. Chomsky and Herman introduced the “propaganda model,” arguing that media operates within a system of constraints that favor powerful groups.
  • “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda” (1991): In this book, Chomsky focuses on how propaganda shapes democracy. He examines historical and contemporary examples, revealing how media manipulation influences political discourse and public perception.

Chomsky’s media critique has sparked debates and inspired further research into media ownership, censorship, and the role of journalism in a democratic society. His work challenges us to question the information we consume and to seek out diverse and independent sources.

Foreign Policy Criticism

Chomsky’s critique of U.S. foreign policy is both insightful and controversial. His unflinching analysis has consistently challenged military interventions, economic policies, and support for authoritarian regimes.

Key Works:

  • “Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance” (2003): In this provocative book, Chomsky analyzes U.S. imperial ambitions. He argues that the pursuit of global dominance threatens international stability and violates principles of democracy and human rights.
  • “Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy” (2006): This work examines how governments, particularly the U.S., have failed to serve their citizens. Chomsky explores issues such as political corruption, economic inequality, and the erosion of civil liberties.

Chomsky’s foreign policy criticism extends beyond the U.S. He has spoken out against injustices worldwide, advocating for peace, human rights, and international cooperation. His writings provide a critical perspective on global politics, connecting local events to international contexts, and emphasizing diplomacy over coercion.

A Voice of Conscience

Noam Chomsky’s role as a political dissident is marked by intellectual rigor and moral courage. Whether critiquing media or challenging foreign policy, he provides unique insights that challenge conventional wisdom.

His work serves as a call to action, urging us to engage critically with our world and to strive for a more just and compassionate global order. Chomsky’s political writings are not merely critiques; they are a beacon of thought leadership, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of power, responsibility, and the potential for positive change.

The Controversial Hero

Defense of Free Speech

Chomsky’s unwavering defense of free speech, even for those with whom he vehemently disagrees, has sparked both admiration and controversy. He has consistently argued that the right to express unpopular opinions is fundamental to a democratic society.

Notable Example:

  • Support for Robert Faurisson: Chomsky’s defense of the freedom of speech for French writer Robert Faurisson, who was prosecuted for Holocaust denial, ignited a firestorm of criticism. Chomsky clarified that while he found Faurisson’s views abhorrent, he believed in the principle of free expression. This stance, though controversial, underscored Chomsky’s commitment to intellectual integrity and the protection of civil liberties.

Chomsky’s position on free speech challenges us to reflect on the boundaries of tolerance and the importance of protecting dissenting voices, even when they are deeply offensive.

Environmental Advocacy

Chomsky’s concern for the environment extends beyond mere rhetoric. He has been an outspoken advocate for addressing climate change, corporate responsibility, and sustainable development.

Key Works:

  • “Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power” (2017): In this book, Chomsky discusses the intersection of economic inequality and environmental degradation. He argues that the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few exacerbates ecological crises and hampers efforts to achieve sustainability.

Chomsky’s environmental advocacy is rooted in a broader critique of capitalism and globalization. He emphasizes the need for collective action, responsible governance, and a reevaluation of our relationship with the natural world.

A Legacy of Principle and Courage

Noam Chomsky’s role as a controversial hero is a testament to his intellectual courage and moral conviction. Whether defending unpopular opinions or championing environmental causes, he embodies a rare combination of intellectual rigor and ethical commitment.

His work provokes thought, challenges complacency, and inspires action. Chomsky’s legacy is not confined to academia; it resonates in the public sphere, guiding us towards a more informed, compassionate, and responsible world.

In a landscape often marred by polarization and superficiality, Chomsky stands as a beacon of principle and wisdom. His controversial stances are not mere provocations; they are reflections of a deeply held belief in justice, freedom, and human dignity.

A Legacy Beyond Comparison

Noam Chomsky’s intellectual journey is a testament to the power of critical thinking, moral conviction, and unyielding pursuit of truth. His contributions span across disciplines, leaving an indelible mark on our collective understanding of language, mind, society, and justice.

Linguistic Innovator

Chomsky’s linguistic theories have not only reshaped the field of linguistics but have also laid the groundwork for cognitive science. His insights into Universal Grammar have revolutionized our understanding of the human mind, bridging the gap between language and cognition.

Political Dissident

As a political dissident, Chomsky’s writings have challenged us to confront power and injustice. His critique of media, propaganda, foreign policy, and environmental degradation has provided a critical lens through which to view our world. His works are not mere scholarly achievements; they are a call to action, urging us to question, analyze, and engage with the world around us.

Controversial Hero

Chomsky’s defense of free speech and environmental advocacy has often led him into controversial territories. Yet, his willingness to take unpopular stances reflects a commitment to principles and a courage that is rare in today’s polarized landscape.

Educator and Public Intellectual

Beyond his academic contributions, Chomsky has been a prolific public intellectual, engaging with audiences around the world. His lectures, interviews, and writings have made complex ideas accessible to the general public, inspiring a new generation of thinkers and activists.

An Intellectual Titan and Hero

In a world often swayed by convenience, conformity, and superficiality, Chomsky stands as a beacon of truth and integrity. His legacy is not merely great; it is essential, guiding us towards a more informed, compassionate, and just world.

Noam Chomsky is not just an intellectual titan; he is a hero of our time. His life and work embody a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a passion for justice, and a dedication to the betterment of humanity.

His voice resonates not only in academia but in the very fabric of our society, leading the alternative world order by reshaping perspectives and catalyzing diplomatic evolution. Chomsky’s legacy is a reminder that intellectual rigor, ethical commitment, and social responsibility are not only virtues but necessities in our complex and interconnected world.

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Wipro Appoints Aparna C Iyer as Chief Financial Officer




EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. & BENGALURU, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$WIPRO #Appoints–Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company, today announced that it is appointing Aparna C Iyer as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Aparna will report to CEO Thierry Delaporte and will join the Wipro Executive Board. She succeeds Jatin Dalal, who is stepping down as CFO to pursue other career opportunities.

1695362363 398 Wipro Appoints Aparna C Iyer as Chief Financial Officer

“Aparna is an accomplished and results-driven leader. Throughout her 20-year career with Wipro, she has been a dynamic, forward-thinking strategic partner to our business leaders,” said Thierry Delaporte, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Wipro Limited. “Aparna has been integral to our finance transformation over the last few years, playing a key role in our financial strategy and planning, investment programs, and transformation initiatives. Her commitment to creating lasting value, expertise across the full spectrum of finance operations, and her experience in working with a range of stakeholders will be instrumental in achieving our financial objectives.

“I also want to thank Jatin for his contributions to Wipro over his tenure and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Aparna joined Wipro in April 2003. Over her 20 years with Wipro, she has held several finance roles, including Internal Audit, Business Finance, Finance Planning and Analysis, Corporate Treasury and Investor Relations, and, most recently, Senior Vice President and CFO of Wipro FullStride Cloud. Aparna has deep expertise in financial risk management, capital allocation, fund raising, driving business strategy and growth.

“I am thrilled to take on the role of CFO at this important juncture for Wipro,” said Aparna. “As we continue our transformation journey, I look forward to working with Thierry, our finance team and the entire organization to build on our successes, drive sustainable growth, and create value for our stakeholders.”

Aparna is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and was a gold medalist of the CA 2002 batch.

About Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO) is a leading technology services and consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. Leveraging our holistic portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, and operations, we help clients realize their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses. With 250,000 employees and business partners across more than 60 countries, we deliver on the promise of helping our clients, colleagues, and communities thrive in an ever-changing world. For additional information, visit us at


Forward-Looking Statements

The forward-looking statements contained herein represent Wipro’s beliefs regarding future events, many of which are by their nature, inherently uncertain and outside Wipro’s control. Such statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding Wipro’s growth prospects, its future financial operating results, and its plans, expectations and intentions. Wipro cautions readers that the forward-looking statements contained herein are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results anticipated by such statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding fluctuations in our earnings, revenue and profits, our ability to generate and manage growth, complete proposed corporate actions, intense competition in IT services, our ability to maintain our cost advantage, wage increases in India, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-time frame contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies in which we make strategic investments, withdrawal of fiscal governmental incentives, political instability, war, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, unauthorized use of our intellectual property and general economic conditions affecting our business and industry.

Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to, Annual Reports on Form 20-F. These filings are available at We may, from time to time, make additional written and oral forward-looking statements, including statements contained in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders. We do not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by us or on our behalf.


Media Contact:
Sanuber Grohe

[email protected]

Source link

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GDEV Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Best Sustainability



GDEV Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Best Sustainability

Limassol, Cyprus, Sept. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GDEV Inc. (NASDAQ: GDEV), an international gaming and entertainment company (“GDEV” or the “Company”) released its second Sustainability Report, with examples of the company’s strategic resilience in 2022 and committing to carbon neutrality by 2030 across its Scope 2 emissions.

The company’s approach to sustainability reflects its responsibility to the millions of players it serve worldwide. GDEV Sustainability Report demonstrates the commitment to positive impact for society, employees, and the environment, disclosing information based on SASB Standards. Furthermore, GDEV has made a commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 across its Scope 2 emissions.

GDEV has also adopted a new Inclusion & Diversity policy, outlining GDEV’s and its studios’ approach to promoting and achieving equality, fairness, and respect for all employees, partners, and players worldwide.

Andrey Fadeev and Boris Gertsovskiy, co-founders of GDEV, jointly stated, “We have learned to be very adaptable in addressing external challenges by implementing deep, fundamental changes to our operating and corporate structures. This has not only helped us to navigate numerous geopolitical, macroeconomic, and industry-related difficulties but also to establish a solid foundation for GDEV’s commitment to future sustainable growth.”

Natasha Braginsky Mounier, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, said “GDEV’s sustainability report is our roadmap to continue enhancing our positive impact and growth mindset in an ever-changing world.”

GDEV’s Second Sustainability Report and Policies can be found in the Sustainability section on the company’s website:

About GDEV

GDEV is a gaming and entertainment company, focused on growing and enhancing its portfolio of studios. With a diverse range of subsidiaries, including Nexters, Cubic Games, Dragon Machines, and more, GDEV strives to create games that inspire and engage millions of players for many years. Its franchises, such as Hero Wars, Island Questaway, Pixel Gun 3D, Throne Rush and others have accumulated hundreds of millions of installs worldwide. For more information, please visit

Investor Relations
Roman Safiyulin | Chief Corporate Development Officer

Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements


Certain statements in this press release may constitute “forward-looking statements” for purposes of the federal securities laws. Such statements are based on current expectations that are subject to risks and uncertainties. In addition, any statements that refer to projections, forecasts or other characterizations of future events or circumstances, including any underlying assumptions, are forward-looking statements.

The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are based on the Company’s current expectations and beliefs concerning future developments and their potential effects on the Company. There can be no assurance that future developments affecting the Company will be those that the Company has anticipated. Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties (some of which are beyond the Company’s control) or other assumptions. You should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties described in the “Risk Factors” section of the Company’s 2022 Annual Report on Form 20-F, filed by the Company on June 26, 2023, and other documents filed by the Company from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Should one or more of these risks oruncertainties materialize, or should any of the Company’s assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary in material respects from those projected in these forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. Readers are cautioned not to put undue reliance on forward-looking statements, and the Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as may be required under applicable securities laws.


The content is by Globe Newswire. Headlines of Today Media is not responsible for the content provided or any links related to this content. Headlines of Today Media is not responsible for the correctness, topicality or the quality of the content.

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Vast Receives Equity Commitment for up to USD $10 Million From Canberra Airport Group



America's Motors Presents Live Turo Mastermind

Canberra Airport Group has committed to purchase USD $5 million of Vast ordinary shares and conditionally a further USD $5 million of Vast ordinary shares ahead of Vast’s US public listing

SYDNEY & HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vast Solar Pty Ltd (Vast), a world-leader in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) energy systems, today announced that it has entered into a subscription agreement with Canberra Airport Group (Canberra Airport) to purchase up to USD $10 million of Vast ordinary shares at an approximate price of USD10.20 per share through an investment vehicle. The agreement is subject to closing of the previously announced business combination between Vast and Nabors Energy Transition Corp. (NETC).

1695448585 751 Vast Receives Equity Commitment for up to USD 10 Million

Canberra Airport’s investment recognises the potential for Vast’s technology to be used to produce low-cost sustainable aviation fuels, a key challenge for the aviation industry as it aims to achieve decarbonisation targets.

Vast’s proprietary CSP v3.0 technology has received significant support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which recently announced approval for up to AUD $65 million in grant funding to support the construction of Vast Solar 1 (VS1), a 30MW CSP plant with 288 MWh of thermal storage located in Port Augusta, South Australia.

VS1 will be co-located with Solar Methanol 1 (SM1), a world-first green methanol demonstration plant which has been selected to receive AUD $19.48 million and EUR €13.2 million of grant funding from a collaboration between the Australian and German Governments, respectively.

USD $5 million of Canberra Airport’s commitment will serve as a backstop for subsequent capital raised by Vast from additional third-party debt or equity financing sources and is subject to a nominal commitment fee.

The investment is another in Canberra Airport’s long-standing and deep commitment to implementing sustainability measures throughout its business, including solar generation, rainwater harvesting, carbon sequestration, alternative agriculture, and wind farming.

Stephen Byron, Managing Director of Canberra Airport, said: “We are confident in Vast and know that its unique technology will be important to power the grid and green fuels projects including Sustainable Aviation Fuel and methanol for shipping. We have been conducting due diligence of Vast for some time and are delighted to be investing in the growth of the business.”

Craig Wood, CEO of Vast, said: “Canberra Airport’s commitment will help us accelerate the global implementation of our proprietary CSP v.3.0 technology for the decarbonisation of methanol and sustainable fuel production. Canberra Airport’s extensive experience and long history in the aviation industry will be tremendously valuable as we start to produce sustainable aviation fuels in the coming years.

This is a significant step towards the completion of the business combination and will help us bring our Australia-made technology to the world,” he added.

About Vast

Vast is a renewable energy company that has developed CSP systems to generate, store and dispatch carbon free, utility-scale electricity and industrial heat, and to enable the production of green fuels. Vast’s CSP v3.0 approach to CSP utilises a proprietary, modular sodium loop to efficiently capture and convert solar heat into these end products.

Visit for more information.

About Canberra Airport Group

Canberra Airport Group is a family-owned company with over 45 years of experience in property development and asset management across multiple asset classes. Since its purchase of Canberra Airport in 1998, it has invested over $2 billion in aviation, commercial and retail infrastructure to grow the airport precinct into a modern and sophisticated transportation and business hub.

Visit for more information.

About Nabors Energy Transition Corp.

Nabors Energy Transition Corp. (NYSE: NETC, NETC.WS, NETC.U) is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganisation or similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities. NETC was formed to identify solutions, opportunities, companies or technologies that focus on advancing the energy transition; specifically, ones that facilitate, improve or complement the reduction of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions while satisfying growing energy consumption across markets globally.

NETC is an affiliate of Nabors Industries Ltd. (“Nabors”), a leading provider of advanced technology for the energy industry. By leveraging its core competencies, particularly in drilling, engineering, automation, data science and manufacturing, Nabors, which owns the global industry’s largest fleet of land drilling rigs and equipment, is committed to innovate the future of energy and enable the transition to a lower-carbon world.

Important Information about the Business Combination and Where to Find It

This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or constitute a solicitation of any vote or approval.

In connection with the proposed business combination (the “Business Combination”) between Vast Solar Pty Ltd (“Vast”) and Nabors Energy Transition Corp. (“NETC”), Vast has filed a registration statement on Form F-4 (File No. 333-272058) (as amended, the “Registration Statement”) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), which includes (i) a preliminary prospectus of Vast relating to the offer of securities to be issued in connection with the proposed Business Combination and (ii) a preliminary proxy statement of NETC to be distributed to holders of NETC’s capital stock in connection with NETC’s solicitation of proxies for the vote by NETC’s stockholders with respect to the proposed Business Combination and other matters described in the Registration Statement. NETC and Vast also plan to file other documents with the SEC regarding the proposed Business Combination. After the Registration Statement has been declared effective by the SEC, a definitive proxy statement/prospectus will be mailed to the stockholders of NETC. INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS OF NETC AND VAST ARE URGED TO READ THE REGISTRATION STATEMENT, THE PROXY STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS CONTAINED THEREIN (INCLUDING ALL AMENDMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS THERETO) AND ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE PROPOSED BUSINESS COMBINATION THAT HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE FILED WITH THE SEC CAREFULLY AND IN THEIR ENTIRETY WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPOSED BUSINESS COMBINATION.

Investors and security holders are able to obtain free copies of the proxy statement/prospectus and other documents containing important information about NETC and Vast once such documents are filed with the SEC, through the website maintained by the SEC at In addition, the documents filed by NETC may be obtained free of charge from NETC’s website at or by written request to NETC at 515 West Greens Road, Suite 1200, Houston, TX 77067.

Participants in the Solicitation

NETC, Nabors, Vast and their respective directors and executive officers may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from the stockholders of NETC in connection with the proposed Business Combination. Information about the directors and executive officers of NETC is set forth in the Registration Statement. To the extent that holdings of NETC’s securities have changed since the amounts printed in the Registration Statement filed on June 29, 2023, such changes have been or will be reflected on Statements of Change in Ownership on Form 4 filed with the SEC. Other information regarding the participants in the proxy solicitation and a description of their direct and indirect interests, by security holdings or otherwise, will be contained in the Registration Statement and other relevant materials to be filed with the SEC when they become available. You may obtain free copies of these documents as described in the preceding paragraph.

Forward Looking Statements

The information included herein and in any oral statements made in connection herewith include “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements, other than statements of present or historical fact included herein, regarding the proposed Business Combination, NETC’s and Vast’s ability to consummate the proposed Business Combination, the benefits of the proposed Business Combination, the proposed financing from Capital Airport Group (“CAG”), CAG’s ability to provide the proposed financing and NETC’s and Vast’s future financial performance following the proposed Business Combination, as well as NETC’s and Vast’s strategy, future operations, financial position, estimated revenues and losses, projected costs, prospects, plans and objectives of management are forward-looking statements. When used herein, including any oral statements made in connection herewith, the words “could,” “should,” “will,” “may,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” the negative of such terms and other similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain such identifying words. These forward-looking statements are based on NETC and Vast management’s current expectations and assumptions about future events and are based on currently available information as to the outcome and timing of future events. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, NETC and Vast disclaim any duty to update any forward-looking statements, all of which are expressly qualified by the statements in this section, to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof. NETC and Vast caution you that these forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond the control of NETC and Vast. These risks include, but are not limited to, general economic, financial, legal, political and business conditions and changes in domestic and foreign markets; the inability to complete the Business Combination or the convertible debt and equity financings contemplated in connection with the proposed Business Combination, including the proposed financing from CAG (the “Financing”) in a timely manner or at all (including due to the failure to receive required stockholder or shareholder, as applicable, approvals, or the failure of other closing conditions such as the satisfaction of the minimum trust account amount following redemptions by NETC’s public stockholders and the receipt of certain governmental and regulatory approvals), which may adversely affect the price of NETC’s securities; the inability of the Business Combination to be completed by NETC’s business combination deadline and the potential failure to obtain an extension of the business combination deadline if sought by NETC; the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstance that could give rise to the termination of the Business Combination or the Financing; the inability to recognize the anticipated benefits of the proposed Business Combination; the inability to obtain or maintain the listing of Vast’s shares on a national exchange following the consummation of the proposed Business Combination; costs related to the proposed Business Combination; the risk that the proposed Business Combination disrupts current plans and operations of Vast, business relationships of Vast or Vast’s business generally as a result of the announcement and consummation of the proposed Business Combination; Vast’s ability to manage growth; Vast’s ability to execute its business plan, including the completion of the Port Augusta project, at all or in a timely manner and meet its projections; potential disruption in Vast’s employee retention as a result of the proposed Business Combination; potential litigation, governmental or regulatory proceedings, investigations or inquiries involving Vast or NETC, including in relation to the proposed Business Combination; changes in applicable laws or regulations and general economic and market conditions impacting demand for Vast’s products and services. Additional risks are set forth in the section titled “Risk Factors” in the Registration Statement and other documents filed, or to be filed with the SEC in connection with the proposed Business Combination. Should one or more of the risks or uncertainties described herein and in any oral statements made in connection therewith occur, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results and plans could differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Additional information concerning these and other factors that may impact NETC’s expectations can be found in NETC’s periodic filings with the SEC, including NETC’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on March 22, 2023 and any subsequently filed Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q. NETC’s SEC filings are available publicly on the SEC’s website at


For Investors:

Caldwell Bailey

ICR, Inc.

[email protected]

For US Media:

Matt Dallas

ICR, Inc.

[email protected]

For Australian media:

Nick Albrow

Wilkinson Butler

[email protected]

Nabors Energy Transition Corp.
For Investors:

William C. Conroy, CFA

Vice President – Corporate Development & Investor Relations

[email protected]

For Media:

Brian Brooks

Senior Director, Corporate Communications

[email protected]

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The content is by Business Wire. Headlines of Today Media is not responsible for the content provided or any links related to this content. Headlines of Today Media is not responsible for the correctness, topicality or the quality of the content.

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